Building Exterior

Wood Siding




The school construction project is comprised of six phases of documentation and work:

Phase 1 - Abatement

Phase 2 - Demolition

Phase 3 - Site Work

Phase 4 - Building

Phase 5 - Fixtures, Furnishings & Equipment (FFE)

Phase 6 - Playgrounds

Abatement and Demolition Phases were undertaken and completed in October-November 2013. Site Work began in October 2014; and activities for the Building Phase will begin in February-March 2015. The project will be completed and ready for use in 2016, for the 2016-2017 school year.

Classroom Entry Flooring


Music Room Gable

Cafeteria Wall Finish

Main Corridor

Wing B-C Courtyard

Entry Site Walls

Parking Lot Sidewalk

Play Area Progress

Photography by Robert Umenhofer with Robert Umenhofer Photography

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